Global Case Competition at Harvard

The World's Most Prestigious Case Competition
$ 10'000
Industry Leaders
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Meet the Team
An international team offering an international challenge.

By collaborating, the EBG and the IFSA can offer you a first-class event

Supervisory Board

Jules Maitrepierre
Jules Maitrepierre is the Founder & President of the IFSA Network. He'll be supervising the entire network.

Of French descent, he's currently completing a graduate degree at the Rotterdam School of Management, in the Netherlands.

Board of Directors

Jack Stone
Executive Director - Americas
Jack Stone is the co-president of the Harvard College European Business Group.
Along with his team, he'll be leading the event.

Originally from Los Angeles, he's now studying Economics at Harvard College.
Nikita Parfeniouk
Executive Director - EMEA
Nikita Parfeniouk is the Chairman & President of the Geneva chapter of the IFSA Network. 
He has worked on many local and international projects, and will connect both American and European parties.

Of Russian descent, he now studies Economics & Management as an undergraduate at the University of Geneva​, ​in Switzerland.

Harvard College
European Business Group

The Harvard College European Business Group is a multicultural organisation within Harvard College.

A lot of their members are not from the United States, granting them an international exposure.


From left to right:

Diana Schoeller​, Director of Media Strategy

- Jack Stonem Co-President

- Richard Dunn, Co-President

- Andrew Sterne, Director of Finance

We want to personally thank:

Alberto Pacheco

Brendan Smith Walters

Charles Dognin


Mr. Pacheco is the co-founder of the Global Case Competition at Harvard. Without him, this competition would have never seen the day.
He has worked hard to create this international event, and we are truly grateful for it.

Along with Mr. Pacheco, Mr. Smiths has co-founded the Global Case Competition at Harvard.​ 
Without his work, this event would not exist.
Co-President, ESCP | HEC Finance Club

(Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris | Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris)​.
Mr. Dogning has helped develop the competition.